Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well the last few weeks have been loco.The word about The Riverside is spreading, more and more are coming out to sample some of North Atlanta's best. The photo topos are evolving to be easier to follow. The climbing is getting good with the colder weather setting in and no more little blood thirsty bugs, Yeah that is definitely worth being exited about.
And then I took a walk down the Appalachian Trail. This thing is no joke. It is steep and gains elevation fast. So we started up this thing hoping the trail on the way up to the top would be lined with boulders. More than you could imagine. There was a few boulders, but not what I was thinking was there. Although the part of the trail I walked didnt have much for rock it made up for in visual stimulation.
After the hike we took off down the road in the Crag huntin mobile and went in search of other areas. So we are driving around the roads and we make a few turns here and there and drive past waterfalls and through a few creeks. Thank you Subaru. Up through a gorge and Boom there were boulders and a campsite right in front of them.
We drove around the area till dark and found a bunch of rock. Then it got dark, Till next time enjoy some pics.

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  1. hey where can i find the topos yall are making? i would love to have a copy