Monday, June 1, 2009

The Huntcliff Deep water soloing

I went in search of a lead I had picked up on the internet. The girlfriend and I put the Kayaks in the river near roswell. Paddled downstream and within a few miles found a cliff line. This cliff is sprouting from the water and rises about 70ft. It is about 250-300ft long. On the rock I noticed a bolted line. All in all there are about 20-25 routes or so. Most of the routes are over deep water. I would recommend checking the landing. The water was not to cold it was nice after sitting in the sun for so long. If you climb here do not top out. You are climbing behind a multi-million dollar subdivision and I do not see them enjoying a random climber walking on there property.

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  1. Where did you put in? Think it's a worthwhile trip this summer? I've been trying to locate this place for a while...